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Will Contests

Will Contests and Contested Guardianship/Conservatorship Matters

Having a loved one become incapacitated and unable to take care of their affairs is a very difficult event for family members.  There is often disagreement about how things should be handled, whether it is who should care for the aging and debilitated parent or how the money ought to be spent in getting the necessary care.  A court battle, without a will contest mediator, often does little to resolve such disagreements and can take a lot of time and money while leaving everyone angry and upset.

At Boland Law and Mediation, I will help you and your family members work through the demanding issues around the care and care giving needed by your elderly parent or disabled relative. I will help you sort through available options and make agreements with each other about how things will be handled.  Usually, when you are involved in making the agreements, you figure out what will work for you and are more likely to stick with what has been decided upon. Frequently, mediating this kind of disagreement can be accomplished faster, more efficiently, and for less money than if you go into court and ask for a judge to decide what will happen.

I also help people work out agreements with each other after a loved one has died if the family and significant others cannot agree about how things should be divided. Losing a loved one is a very difficult thing to deal with and it is harder when there are differences of opinion about how the money and property of your loved one should be divided.  Mediation can help people come together and make mutually satisfactory agreements that are workable and don’t cause irreparable rifts among family members.

With the help and assistance of our experienced Denver CO probate mediator, you can work out your differences with each other and stay in relationship with your family members. I’m happy to discuss your situation and see if I can be helpful.  Call me at 303-562-5973.