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When you are involved in a legal dispute, you may be unsure of what steps to take next. Whether you are going through a legal separation or divorce, arguing over the distribution of property and/or parenting time, or find yourself facing conflicts with family members about how to divide up your deceased parent’s things, it is best to resolve the issue in a timely and amicable manner. No one wants to deal with the bitterness and expense of a messy divorce or a separation standoff. With Denver CO mediation services from Boland Law and Mediation, you can make effective and reasonable agreements that work for you and your family.

With extensive legal experience as both a trial lawyer and a judge, Kate Boland understands what can happen during a divorce or legal separation for both traditional and nontraditional families.  Boland Law and Mediation strives to help its clients identify the issues to be resolved, what results are needed, and workable options to achieve those results.  When people make their own agreements, much of the negative side of family law as experienced in the courts can be avoided.  The primary goal of mediation is to help people put together mutually acceptable agreements that work because everyone feels good about the agreements they have made.

The Denver CO law office specializes in mediation in the following areas:

When you find yourself facing these difficult personal situations, the health and well being of your family is of chief concern. Divorce and separation leave lasting effects on a family, particularly families with young children. To protect you from the devastation of a breakup, I work hard and with the utmost care to help you find the best solutions for you and your family. When people reach agreements with each other without the bitterness and expense of an angry and ongoing court case, the process of splitting up and separating is much less difficult. You and your family deserve the lasting peace and happiness that may seem out of reach following a split or separation. Boland Law and Mediation can help.

Don’t let a divorce or separation cause an irreparable rift in your family. Save yourself from the grief and hardship that can accompany such situations with the expert mediation services provided by Boland Law and Mediation.

For excellent mediation services in the Denver area, call my law and mediation office today at 303-562-5973 to schedule a consultation.