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Criminal Defense Attorney

Misdemeanors, DUI/DWAI & Traffic Denver CO

You can receive a criminal charge when you least expect it, leaving you reeling and wondering what to do next. Facing a criminal charge is a situation no one ever wants to find themselves in. Fortunately, the Denver CO criminal defense attorney with Boland Law and Mediation can provide you with expert criminal defense when you need it most.

Even if you do your best to avoid being on the wrong side of the law, there are unexpected situations that can land you in legal trouble. Whether you have gotten a DUI/DWAI , misdemeanor or traffic violation, one mistake can have a lasting impact on your life. With the assistance of Boland Law and Mediation, you can minimize the consequences of your mistake. I work hard to ensure the best outcome for you. I will walk you through every step of the legal process to keep you fully informed of your rights and options under Colorado law.

Traffic Disputes

Disputing a traffic ticket is a tedious and tiresome process. That’s why you need someone who knows the ins and outs of the Colorado legal system to best represent you. People often try to represent themselves to save time and money, but don’t know the possible pitfalls and penalties that arise in various circumstances. Having an experienced Denver attorney on your side can help guide you effectively and efficiently through a difficult process. I aim to get you the best possible results in your particular case.

For excellent criminal defense in Denver, count on the office of Boland Law and Mediation. I am happy to provide you with a free consultation, so you can make an informed decision based on the intricacies of your case. To schedule your consultation or appointment today, give me a call at 303-562-5973 or contact me online.