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Same-Sex Partnership

Dissolution of Same-Sex Partnership Denver CO

The issues for the dissolution of a same sex partnership are the same for that of a traditional family going through a divorce. Our Denver CO same sex separation mediator at Boland Law and Mediation believes in helping you make good agreements with each other when your relationship has ended, and minimizing/avoiding bitter and ugly disputes that don’t accomplish anything in the long run.

Whether you have been legally married or not, creative agreements can be worked out and implemented in a timely fashion. Mediation is often the best way for same sex couples to separate as it puts them in the driver’s seat as to how agreements are made and what agreements are made.  It provides a structure to work things out. Often the main concerns include the division of property accumulated since your relationship began, as well as custody of your children. Our attorney/mediator works tirelessly to make sure you are both comfortable and satisfied with your allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time as well as how your property is divided.

How does a Same Sex Separation Work?

Sometimes couples aren’t ready to call it quits but need to take a break and separate for a time. Both people want to protect their rights and property, and if there are children, work out how to handle parenting time and parenting decisions. There are many options to explore and approaches to consider during a separation period. My job as your Denver mediator is to help you figure out what each of you need and want and how to make a good agreement, that both of you can live with, to meet those needs and wants. Sometimes this will involve splitting up some or all of the things you acquired during the relationship. Sometimes it will involve working out a parenting plan for your children.

These are complicated and emotional issues that can be hard to work out with each other without some help. Mediation is an excellent alternative because you and your partner are the ones making the decisions and agreements versus going into court and having someone else make these critical decisions for you. Mediation is also likely to be much less expensive and time consuming. Agreements made in mediation are more likely to succeed because you structure the agreement so that it works for you. My years of experience with legal disputes in and out of the courtroom has shown me the dark side of divorce and legal separation, so I can assist with choices that will help avoid constant conflict. When you make agreements that work and you feel good about, it allows you to maintain civility and communication with your former partner.

With the mediation services provided by Boland Law and Mediation, the dissolution of your same sex partnership does not have to be a drawn-out battle that can leave both parties wounded and bitter. To schedule a consultation or appointment, give me a call at 303-562-5973 or contact me online today.