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Divorce and Legal Separation in Denver CO

Divorce rates escalate each year and so do the nasty and unpleasant disputes that tear families apart, causing lasting damage. We have all seen this at some point, but is that how you want your divorce or legal separation to be? Boland Law and Mediation believes it’s best to work out positive agreements and avoid unsatisfactory outcomes. A divorce or legal separation in Denver does not have to leave a family feeling broken and disillusioned.

Why mediate a divorce or legal separation?

Divorce and separation can be unfriendly and hostile, especially when there are children involved and lots of things to split up. Just because a relationship doesn’t turn out as planned does not mean that the separation process cannot be handled in reasonable and positive way. Mediation helps people reach agreements with each other that they can live with and that meet the needs of the participants including children and other family members.  Mediation puts you in the driver’s seat to figure out how you want to work out a parenting plan and split up your things.  Our expert divorce mediator helps you have a civilized divorce or legal separation without all the bitterness and disagreement.

Divorce and Legal Separation Agreements

Often people who are divorcing or separating agree about some things and disagree about others.  A knowledgeable and experienced Denver mediator helps put agreements in writing.  A divorce mediator also helps you effectively negotiate and resolve your disagreements in a way that works for you.  A mediator helps you and your former spouse figure out what you want to do and how to get it done so that it works.  Once an understanding is reached, a divorce agreement or legal separation agreement is written that reflects what you and your former spouse have worked out.

Divorce and Legal Separation on Your Terms

With a divorce or legal separation agreement, you have the final say over what happens when you split up. Why leave critically important decisions that impact the rest of your life in the hands of a judge that has never met you and is not concerned with what happens to you? With a divorce mediator from Boland Law and Mediation, you can rest assured that the best interests of you and your family are the top priority. A divorce mediator helps you figure out what you want and need to do and how best to accomplish that as you end your relationship and move forward in your life. With the help of a divorce mediator, you work through difficult problems and come up with creative solutions to deal with those problems.

Mediating your differences is often a better way to end your relationship, avoid fighting and drawn-out disputes, and save the time and expense that often come with a court battle. With Boland Law and Mediation, the details of your divorce or legal separation in Denver can be worked out to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. To schedule an appointment or consultation, call 303-562-5973 or contact me online today.